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General Translation

Business Management & Intelligence

With the increasing complexity of today's business processes, more and more organizations deploy business management systems to integrate multiple departments and functions. In this way, global employees would like have a localized experience in their day-to-day jobs throughout the business cycle.
However, business management solution suppliers and multinational companies that deploy global business management solutions have to struggle with:High costs associated with maintaining consistent, dynamic, high-quality content across languages and geographiesHuge investments in native user trainingLimited in-country functional consultants across the entire spectrum of business processesEver-increasing competition in the business management solutions marketDemanding requirements of linguistic and functionality testing across multiple platforms

In addition, as complex multi-tier enterprise applications with rich user interfaces, business management (especially ERP) systems integrate all parts of a business, from manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, supply-chain, procurement, and IT, to accounting, marketing, human resources, customer relationship management and strategic management. This makes business management localization quite different from normal localization. In addition to ordinary linguistic expertise and IT-related knowledge, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of various business processes.